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Do you have to wait for hot water to start every time you take a shower? No, you DONT!

If you have to wait for hot water every time you take a shower or open the faucet, there is a very simple solution to fix that. And it will not ruin your budget either! Simply call us and we will be happy to come and install this little device which will allow you to enjoy hot water almost immediately.

This little device is called Recirculation Pump.

Simply put, every time you start hot water the water heater needs to push all the cold water out th epipes in your house before the hot water can reach your shower or faucet. And that water goes down the drain resulting in additional water cost and waste. With recirculation pump the cold water is feeded back into the heater while constantly having hot water ready for you to enjoy. And it does not mean it has to run around the clock if you need additional savings: a timer supplied with the pump allows you to have it automatically turned off during times or days you don't typically use hot water, such as at nights, work days or vacations.

Installation of this pump is simple, but does require an experienced plumber. It consists in installing the pump itself at the water heater and a thermostatically controlled bypass valve mounted between the hot and cold water lines at the sink farthest away from the water heater.

Give us a call and we will be happy to tell you more about this device and may other usefult tips to consider during your next bathroom and kitchen remodeling project!

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